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Gary Gillman -

I'm planning to stop by there Alan in a few weeks, on my way to the bourbon festival in Kentucky. I've been to the Munich original and quite enjoyed it, the food more than the beer maybe, but I only had one type when there (the dunkel). What clinched this visit was that the beer is brewed under license onsite.

The story about the steins is interesting, that seems an awful lot to lose in one week, I agree.

This branch of the famous beer house is in Newport, a riverside town overlooking the Ohio from the Kentucky side.


Alan -

Excellent! A reconnoiter. Just don't get caught.

Stephen Beaumont -

Don't blame the brewerianists; blame the drunks. It's always amazed me that a little alcohol can skew people to the point that stealing suddenly seems socially acceptable.

I wonder what beer glass theft totals in the United States and Canada. Probably in the multiple hundreds per week, if not thousands, once you factor in all the specialty glass theft. And I wonder how many wine or martini glasses are also stolen.

Alan -

...and to what end? End of year dorm recycling bin filling and basement shelf dust gathering!!!

BTW, have you ever seen brewerianists out on a drunken tear? It is quite a thing.

Gary Gillman -

I shall report well and truly if you revisit the topic - but I always pay for everything I consume or take with me. :)


DanSmallbeer -

A good friend of mine once stole the welcome mat from just inside a karaoke bar in Miyazaki, Japan. To his credit, he asked me to help him take it back in the morning.