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Blork -

Alan, I'm sure you already have your itinerary, so you probably don't need recommendations. That said, you can do better than Les 3 Brasseurs, which is actually a franchise outfit from Fance.

For example, Dieu du Ciel on Laurier near St-Laurent is excellent (although there's not much of a food menu). Reservoir on Duluth (near St-Laurent) is also excellent, with good food and should be kid-friendly.

There's also Le Cheval Blanc on rue Ontario, which is pretty much Montreal's first (modern day) brew pub. (Probably not so kid freindly.) there's also Amere a Boire on St-Denis between Sherbrooke and Ontario. (Decent enough kitchen, possibly kid friendly.)

Alan -

Itinerary? There's no itinerary. Staggering behind a four year old who wants to see this, that and whatever's over there. That's about it. Reservior looks very good - near Schwartz's.

Ethan -

I am glad to hear that Les Trois Brasseurs in Montreal was alright; I went to the one on Youngs back in April or so had had just about the worst beer I have ever been served in a brewery- I was of a mind to send it back and be kind of a dick about it, but instead, I just left. I wasn't planning on ever giving them another chance, but perhaps I might.

Gary Gillman -

I must say about Trois Brasseurs, that the beers have (IMO obviously) a strong taste connection to northern French and some Belgian ales. Many of the latter have a strong, characteristic yeast bite ("chalky") that I found in the Belgian and French "originals" when there last December. Every time I tried these, it was, "oh that's the Trois Brasseurs taste". Chimay White has it for example, or Grimbergen blonde, amongst many others,

I found it in some standard lagers too. I believe it is yeast-derived, but maybe French malting barleys contribute to it (3 Brasseurs uses some of these).

Alan, I like that description of itinerary. I like Saint Bock a lot in Montreal:


It's further down from Amere a Boire on the same road. Nice vibe there, tres Montreal.


RS -

From my experience, kids are ok at Amere a Boire, Reservoir and the terrace at Benelux before 8 (not indoors). I don't think I'd bring a kid to DDC (not sure the official status but I've never seen one in many, many visits) though the St Jerome DDC might be cool with kids. "Bières et compagnie" might be an option too...

Jeff Alworth -

1963? Alan, you're screaming up on the big five-oh. Buy the port now.

Alan -

Here comes 50!!! wwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!