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DanSmallbeer -

We looked into a beer tour of Vancouver Island. We are hoping to do Longwood, Craig Street, Wolf and back to Victoria. Forty guys have expressed interest. Problem is a coach with a bathroom and driver for the whole day is going to cost north of a grand. It's a tough gig to arrange, especially when your potential participant pool are mostly drunks.

Tandleman -

Or at least a joint venture?

Andy Cullen -

It is an interesting experiment and I think the publicity it gains is probably the best results for the scheme from the pubs' point of view.

What would be more interesting to know is what unsatisfied demand for public transport there is in an evening and if buses are laid on what difference to custom in the pubs this makes.

I'd also be interested to see if the Welland Valley beer festival in Northants and the Three Valleys Pub festival in Derbyshire (where a load of rural and suburban pubs put events on linked by a regular free bus service funded by the venues) happened more often than once a year what would happen.

Alan -

Sorry about that - didn't realize I had left the comment moderation on.