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Gary Gillman -

Beer is a popular drink. And baseball and football, in which large numbers of people congregate, are popular sports. Whenever large numbers of people get together there is a potential for violence. Crowd control, and therefore alcohol control, inevitably follow. If wine was the drink of the people, the expectations would be similar for the drink and such sports, but it's not.


Alan -

Don't know if I buy "whenever large numbers of people get together there is a potential for violence" at all as it seems to be you are saying context does not apply.

Paul Ruschmann -

Drunken baseball fans were an even bigger problem a generation ago. Serving practices were, to say the least, lax; and night games started an hour later than they do now, giving fans extra time to pre-load before entering the ballpark. Predictably, things got quite nasty in the bleachers at a number of major league parks.

Gary Gillman -

The context I meant was that of mass spectator sports.


Knut Albert -

It is also very much a matter of sponsorship, isn't it? The global breweries spend a lot of money to be profiles, and the beer sales at mathces is a part of that.
The most extreme consumption I've seen was at Copenhagen satdium, where they have a buy-three-pints-get-one-free Carlsberg scheme. Not pretty at all.

Craig -

I only act like a jacka$$ when I drink scotch at ballgames.

Craig -

I do however think the Mets should institute the half-price beer promotion. It might help to keep the mids of the fans of the fact that the Mets do things like lose games, 7-3, after a one-hitter in the first seven innings.