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Shamas -

I know an italian family here in the US that has made a strong white table wine for generations. They get the last grapes (Muscat varietal, I believe) that are on the vine, and then make the wine on the full moon. The only yeast used are the ones on the skin of the grapes, no other yeast added. And the wine they make is tremendous. Strong as all get-out but very clean tasting.

I don't think we can dismiss the lunar cycle.

brown131 -

I know that there is a "biodynamic" farming practice started in Germany in '20s, where the entire farm is treated as a living organism. In this practice apparently, farming, vinting, and brewing are done according to phases of the moon. From my googling just now I've found that Wolaver's Brewing, Butte Creek, and Eel River all have biodynamic beers.

Nicolas -

Big brewer like Molson always test their beer taste. They taste a sample of every batch.

They should have noticed that kind of phenomenon. Or may be it affects only real beer...

Alan -

Via Twitter, I received this comment from Kelso of Brooklyn: "We've definitely noticed we always get higher gravity on a batch brewed at full moon. Making a magical elixir more magical."

Neato... or I just got made fun of.