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dave -

Legal (or trademark) precedent I believe. If the trademark is granted for Radler, and then DB decides to trademark another style they can point back at Radler and say "this was allowed".

Alan -

I dunno. I have a hard time with the suggestion that this is even a beer style... let alone that beer styles have any sort of conceptual integrity I think trademark practice is more involved that the precedent argument but I do take your point.

nathan -

This isn't such a hypothetical situation. SOBA's involvement began after DB (owned by Heineken) forced the Green Man Brewery to pull their Radler off the shelves or face possible bankruptcy themselves. The ironic thing is the Green Man's radler was much more authentic than DB's.
The fault here isn't actually with DB, it is with IPONZ, the agency that granted the trademark. I believe they have admitted they never should have granted it, but they say they are powerless to revoke it.