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Tim -

"Most serious of all, I think, are Lew Bryson's objections to the trend of mistaking the skill of a craft brewer to make a claim to a new style of beer for the skill of a craft brewer in making good beer. As I commented there, I think the fault for this is somewhere between avarice and bad business modelling. I am tired of boring, clumsy, overpriced, unearned 750 ml corked bottles of confusion of or from the self-proclaimed next big thing. Why so many?"

I think the commercial brewers have gotten into an arms race of sorts, and have to not necessarily prove to themselves they can do a Chocolate Cherry Espresso Birthday Cake Frosting Ex-Lax Stout, the brewer knows he can do it, it's just driven by profit. Because they know we'll buy it, like a herd of blind sheep. We'll line up and pay $12.00 a bomber for it because Sam Calagione or someone of his caliber brewed it.

Wait till someone figures out there's actually a market out there for sessionable English Milds with full flavor and 4% ABV or less. Every brewer worth his Burton Salts will be busy cranking out some sort new line based on Milds. They all chase trends like a pack of hounds.

Love it or hate it, it's the nature of the beast.