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The Professor -

Another example of attempting to promote beer as the new wine. (hilarious in and of itself).
Beer is starting to get pretty snooty, isn't it?

The Beer Nut -

If you smoke you really have not tasted much of anything in years
You mean my tasting notes would be even longer if I stopped smoking? Quick! Someone nominate Sir Walter Raleigh for a humanitarian award!

Alan -

You would need legal length note pads!

Stephen Beaumont -

I freely admit to aerating beer in my mouth almost every time I find myself changing beers. And not just with beers that are new to me and I may be trying to mentally evaluate, but every time I open and pour a new beer, familiar or not. To my knowledge, this has never led to my being castigated in polite society, nor have I ever been asked to leave lest my heavy breathing offend someone. It is possible to be subtle when so doing.

Alan -

Such company you keep. Do you also do the three-step!

Alan -

I think I am going to call my method "the Major Jenkins-Smythe".

I hear you and I too have aerated in my time. I just don't think we discuss such things - and we don't suggest one "always" needs to take three sips, no more no less. Too stuffy. Off puttish.

Velky Al -

three sips in my world is the entire pint, all 568ml of it.

Alan -

Mr. D has some much more pointed comments about the usefulness of the cited "guide" than I dared provide.

Stephen Beaumont -

Context, my dear Mr. McL. The article was obviously written to address the chuggers of beer from the bottle, and knowing Doctor Bill as I do, I must believe he was playing to that audience. Believe me, Doc is no stranger to the hedonistic enjoyment of beverage, and as such no more follows the "three sips" rule religiously than does honestly believe beer to be necessarily better than wine.

Alan -

Fair enough. I know, as you know, no one. We had Stan and his fine family in the rec room once. I think that counts for a lot. They must still remark on how I snored.

Andy Crouch -

I'm sorry, I was distracted by how many times the writer misspelled the word 'palate.'

Alan -

Mr. B. stands up for what is right and good.