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Bruce Ticknor -

I have a good hunk of family living in Kitchener where the 'Perimeter Institute' and sometimes Steven Hawking is. It would be great to hit a pub there and toss back a few with Steven Hawking. Think of the slow motion conversation about the beginning of the universe over a long drawn out pint or two. Hell, if you factor in relativity and the speed of light we could be finished before we started.

John -

The local science museum has been doing this for quite some time. http://ow.ly/32grK

Mary Sue -

Yeah, this has actually been going on in Portland for a while now.

I usually go to the Science Pub with some folks from my church.

Alan -

It is only in states starting with the letter "O"?

Tim -

Hardly confined to O-states Alan. I've found that the Cambridge Brewing Company's proximity to MIT means that nerdliness need not be scheduled and organized.

Alan -

This seems to be like discovering there are secret Masonic Lodges everywhere. Did I say that out loud? Gotta go!