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Jeremy -

I suspect that the people who will be buying at $20 a shot will not blink an eye at that price. If nothing else you are paying a premium for the privilege of not having to shell out a full $115 to sample it.

Patrick Hirlehey -

I heard there was a bar in Vegas that sold Westvleteren 12's for $75 US a bottle. You know what they say, a fool and their money are easily parted for small amounts of beer. I think it is Utopias® too, in the singular. Confusing, like Ralph Fiennes constantly correcting people on the old english pronunciation of his name.

Alan -

Well, I can't be suckered by such branding so from now on we will call a single serving a U-top pronounced only in a thick Maltese accent something like "Oouo-thop".

Frank -

This is one of the reasons why I love the Mondial De La Biere in Montreal. The Utopias was there for only $7 for a one ounce sample. Hundreds of beers to try without having to pay a high price for 750ml to sample a beer you may or may not like.

Alan -

See, they had a 2 oz single bottle serving which I wish the LCBO had been able to bring in. I may well have popped one at home for say 9 bucks. But more than twice for half as much at the end of an otherwise significantly expensive experience? Not the best way to expose beer fans to the concept. Mondial, by comparison, sounds right on point.