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Adam -

The Sam Adams folks said that they expected costs to be the same in 2011 in the q3 conference call. Not saying that it's wrong but just adding another bit of info to the fold.

Alan -

And most welcome it is. It would be interesting if voices in craft beer came out and said "we don't need no stinking price increases - the mega brewers are ripping you off!"

Ilya Feynberg -


I'll believe all this when it actually comes about. I mean seriously, how often have we heard about all of this in MANY different type of businesses, industries and sectors? Of course with time things will increase a bit and fall and increase and fall etc...

Let's not forget all the news that's coming out of many other countries around the world that we have a tendency to sometimes take as our own her in the US. Thanks, but I'll wait and see what really happens in the market place before I start jumping up waving my arms about and stressing over price hikes.


Adam -

I'll be honest. Looking over the Q3 call transcript, I think I completely made that up..or can't find where I actually heard it.

Alan -


All better, Adam.