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Velky Al -

Glad to see I am not the only one underwhelmed by these kind of films/shows. Mind you, I am not really surprised given that in the blogoshere, my absolute reads are the likes of Ron and Martyn rather than the jet set trendy brigade.

Alan -

I don't know why I assumed the show would be on Discovery TV Canada at the same time. Silly me. I tried to follow on Twitter, too, but there was a very interesting hash tag "contest" during the show which offered a draw. Which meant the feed was clogged with praise from those wanting to win a prize. Interesting strategy.

dave -

The show was as I expected from having read the press release. An Ace of Cakes (more jovial and fun loving, compared to the yelling, or at least that is what the commercials make it seem, of Cake Boss) of brewing. It was a fun watch, with some mild beer educational value to it (not information about mild beer... that would have been neat, having Ron pop in all of a sudden). I would watch again, if I came across it, but if I miss it I wouldn't be devastated. So I guess put me somewhere in-between your disappointment and some crazed fan of the show (I assume there is some blog post out in the beer-o-sphere, heaping glorious praise on the show... I just can't be bothered to find it).

I would definitely go for a wandering the globe beer show however. Something similar to the Beer Hunter (http://www.youtube.com/user/CaptainJos#p/c/159E2E89C950303E)? I'd throw my vote in for Pete Brown co-hosting it... Stan, Ron, and Pete, a Top Gear-esque show to beer. Can't wait for Pete's next video blog.

dave -

Oh... and my guess for the plural of "masters", they have multiple brewers working at DFH.

Alan -

Thanks, Dave. I don't think I am disappointed with the show - just that it is not the show I want. It actually sounds like it made a reasonably large percentage of the audience happy even if the elongated rap-like thing by all reports was a bit squirm-making.

"Top Beer" - that is more like it.

Rick -

I rather enjoyed the show for what it was, If people went into it expecting anything other then your typical look into industry x and not expecting the forced deadlines and forced crises (glue spill) then I would think they have never seen a discovery or tlc show before.

Is it ground breaking? No. It is however very cool that more of the common folk are getting exposure to this wonderful world we call home.

dave -

Probably not a great sign that they have already moved the show to a different time slot (Thursday 8PM)

dave -

Another craft beer tv show... in the same exact vein as Brewmasters:

No Top Beer in sight.

Jeff -

Do beer geeks/snobs stop drinking their favorite "craft beer" once that brewery become well recognized or increses in size/distribution?

Ive seen the show and have actually met Sam Calgione who seems like a very nice/interesting guy who cares a lot about bringing new/different/craft beer to the market

Stop with all the hating on Sam!

Alan -

Stop saying that disagreeing is hating!!!

People are entitled to their own views.

Jeff -

I never said that disagreeing was "hating" and I realize that people are entitled to their own opinon/views.

I was just wondering why the writer of a beer blog would be "utterly unthrilled by the prospect of a tv show about Dogfish head and their business operations"

To me, it seems like this TV show would only help to encourage and introduce people to other styles of beer and to get them out there purchasing beers from companies they might not recognize or know about.

Is that not one of the main goals of this blog?

Alan -

Who the hell are you to tell me about the goals of my blog? First you moronically call me a hater and then you decide what my job is.

I was "utterly unthrilled by the prospect of a tv show about Dogfish head and their business operations" because I was. As it turned out, it was a dud of a show and never even ran its full course. If you need celebrity to give meaning to your relationship with beer, fine. But keep me out of it.

Beer Soaked Erik -

I watched the first show in hopes that the name "Brew Masters" would ring true and feature different brew masters from various breweries as the episodes progressed. I guess I was hoping for an inside look at a variety of breweries. I like a handful of Dogfish Head beers, and will probably continue to buy anything I see from them because they are unique, and often good. But I'm also one of the reasons the show is getting cancelled. I watched the first few episodes, then lost interest. I'd much rather see a different brewer every episode. Cheers!