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Tandleman -

An odd sort of spat. Beer festivals almost always bring extra trade to pubs. You go to the fest and you then pop into the pubs for something different - or at least a lot do. Some licensees even complement festivals with their own coinciding mini fests in their pub.

Seems that they need to raise their game and look for the positive. As I said odd.

MikeMcG -

I commented on this on the MA website (coincidentally I read today that MA started in 1794) - I'll copy my comment below.

I probably would disagree with Tandleman's point that fests almost always bring more trade when they're on, but I'd certainly argue that at their best, festivals & CAMRA's other activities encourage more people to seek out good beer in good pubs.
My MA reply -
I suspect that the reason behind this is quite simple - the festival was probably organised before they realised that it clashed with the World Cup matches.

They were then left with the choice of screening the game, or not, or rearranging the date. They simply chose what appeared to be the best answer, with the best chance of success for the event.

To local real ale landlords/ladies I'd say "suck it up" - it's not the end of the world, it's a couple of days, but if poss, make the most of it - advertise yourself as a champion of good / local cask beer & hopefully reap the rewards of this event which seeks to promote the best of fresh craft beer.

Tandleman -

Mike - Just ask the Manchester publicans when the National Winter AlesFest was on if you disagree. Still, I suppose it varies.