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Roger Beal -

You're in for a treat. I was one of the judges for the Brew Week's homebrew competition last year. Athens is a pretty little university town, and it's full of great beer!
I'm going down again this year. When will you be speaking?


Alan -

Still have to figure out if this is a go but pretty excited if we can pull it off. I would have to be mid-week as I would have to be driving and making a family vacation out of it.

Roger Beal -

The homebrew judging is actually the weekend before Brew Week so I'll be going down Thursday th 9th I think then coming back the Sunday. I love travelling in the States and this trip was no exception. I have a buddy in Bowling Green Ohio who accompanied me and it's really, really neat seeing how the land changes from Michigan all the way to Athens, which is only thirty miles or so from West Virginia. I'll be taking the same route again as Toledo is home to Sabco, maker of fine homebrewing equipment.
The laws are strange in Ohio. On Sundays you can buy beer but not wine, which is good to know before getting in line. On the plus side, even the farm supply centre has better craft beer than the "Beer Store."
In terms of the actual event, I found it very well run and everyone involved to be very friendly. The vibe is great. Feel free to email me if you have any questions at all.
Hope you can make it,