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bierfesten -

when i lived in Toronto we'd have beer nights in Henrietta whereby we'd drink craft beer all night with a bill of like $28.. now the worlds largest beer store.. definitely turning into a Beer destination at the top of NY state.. Blue Tusk bar in Syracuse was another favorite

Moses -

Downside is, they're moving it a bit further from my home. :(

I live about a mile from the current location. And Henrietta is hell to drive through.

Libarbarian -

Sherbrooke Liquor Store here in Edmonton stocks 680 beers at present. They carry every beer the Alberta govt liquor overlords list. It is the best in Alberta but perhaps Canada? Is there something in Montreal perhaps that is larger?

Steve -

DaveCo Liquors in Colorado actually coins itself as "The World's Largest Liqour Store". They've got a pretty good selection.

I think they had Guinness Book of World Records come out and verify it.

Alan -

I added the satellite view, Steve.

Herb -

According to the article, they are not moving, they are opening a new store. Since it's in an old Wegmans, I would guess it's going to be much bigger than the old one. However, according to my Google Mapping, it's going to be a 7 minute drive from the old one. My only fear is that it's going to cannibalize itself. I'm not sure why they didn't put one in another part of town (such as 30 seconds from where my parents live for when I go to visit them there).