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Jeff Alworth -

Out here at the origin point, Abyss remains the clear preference among the two brothers of the Deschutes line. But there is a minority view, which I hold, that double-x series (which started as an anniversary toast for the brewery's 20th) is superior. This is plainly true of the infants. Before the current edition of Abyss, that beer was undrinkable young--by which I mean less than 3 years old. Butt the XX beers are lush and approachable. I agree it should age nicely (and have stashed a couple in the cellar so as to test the hypothesis), but it's a nice beer right out of the gate, too. Especially on tap.

Alan -

Glad I picked the one I did as the Oregon agents of sheer niceness that sent it my way also sent an Abyss. I'll look at that one sometime around 2014.

Jeff Alworth -

It'll still be a tad green by then, but shaping up.