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Martyn Cornell -

"O'Keefe's Imperial Pale Ale" - there IS nothing new under the sun.

Alan -

For a small colony that came up with Carling, O'Keefe and Labatt before 1845 (and also had a hand in Molson) we really should have a bit more pride about the role. Didn't that Albany brewery use "imperial" as well? They can, you know because NY is the "empire" state.

Jordan St.John -

A man named Bauer is referred to by the Globe in 1858 as the Prince of Canadian Lager Beer Brewers. The same article notes that Hamilton has two breweries and several places where no other beverage is sold. Eckhardt was probably there at that time as well.

Guess we got Sneath by a decade at least.

Alan -

Serious neato. If there is a prince there must be at least a gaggle of others.