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Maureen Ogle said this about the book: "... immensely readable, sometimes slightly surreal rumination on beer in general and craft beer in particular. Funny, witty, but most important: Smart. The beer geeks will likely get all cranky about it, but Alan and Max are the masters of cranky..."

Ron Pattinson said: "I'm in a rather odd situation. Because I appear in the book. A fictional version of me. It's a weird feeling."


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Roger Beal -

Creemore's Kellerbier always surprises me with something new every time I try it. Sometimes a fruitiness that's not from the yeast but closer to floral--the hops are subtle and complex. The malt is always fascinating. If you add the yeast sediment, something else comes out. I really enjoy this beer.
I was happy to see the arrival of the Gaffel, but alas was expecting more. What exactly I guess I don't know.

P.S. too bad about Ohio, maybe next year!

Alan -

Yes, I let them know I needed more lead time. When we travel there is an elementary school entourage to be considered.

Try the Gaffel next to a Beau's. I think they reveal a lot about each other. I was happily surprised in both directions.