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Ilya Feynberg -

Alan, have you ever had a chance to try anything from the Kasteel line up yet?

If not, let me know I know that finding the stuff...well just about most anything up there in NY is pretty darn easy but I've got a few bottles here that I would be more than happy to send your way.

And no...I don't rep for them ;) I've just been recently surprised by the amount of beer bloggers and beer lovers that haven't tried or heard of beer and brewery.

I would recommend giving their original Kasteel Brune a try first before you do the Rouge which is the Brune but brewed with cherries. Let me know!

Other than that...probably some seasonal stuff from Real Ale Brewery in Blanco, Texas or BETTER yet...some Yeti from Great Divide Brewery in Denver, Colorado.

Either way...just skip right past the part of the isle that contains the water...errr...sorry I meant Miller light. ;)

Ed Carson -

Enjoy the Hall of Fame!

JW -

Try Rooster Fish Brewing (which is part of the Wildflower Cafe / Crooked Rooster Brewpub) if you make it to Watkins Glen.

There is also a really good meadery on the west side of seneca lake (Earle Estates Meadery).

If you make it up to Rochester, you have to check out Beers of the World (http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/1266 ) - it is an incredible bottleshop that you can't miss if in the area.

There is also a really good map of all the breweries in New York here:

Have a great trip!


Tim -

Pretty Things beers. All of them. Lots of them!

Greg -

Not sure if you'll get far south enough, but the southern tier has a nice little brewery scene.

Ellicottville Brewing Company (about an hour south of Buffalo on 219) makes some great beer, and is in a charming little ski town with lots of great family-friendly festivals in the summer.
Full disclosure: My grandparents live in E-ville, so I'm biased, but still it's a great place for a family/beer trip.

Another out-of-the-way place with surprisingly good beer is Horseheads Brewing, in Horseheads, NY.

Of course, Southern Tier Brewing is a nice stop, too.

Have a good trip!


Alan -

Stopped by Ithaca Beer Co. and bought two new - to - me beers, their Belgian Quad called "12" (or "ex-eye-eye" if you happen to be a Roman) as well as a six of "Ground Break" their American style saison. Also, picked up a White Gold as I had one the other night that had spent a long time in the stash and was gorgeous, showing lots of tangy beer gone bad quality. Had a couple of Cascazillas last night at Moosewood, too.

Daniel Bordage -

I agree with the Pretty Things beers. I bought the Jack d'Or and the Field Mouse's Farewell... some of my favs...

I also tried one called Matilda. It's made in Illinois and I can't wait until I can put my hands on it again...

Mint -

Matilda is brewed by Goose Island. I haven't had it, but I do have a bottle of Sofie on hand. It's made by the same brewery. I'll probably drink it this weekend.