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Stan Hieronymus -

Do you think it matters that the beer you drink at home may not taste the same as it does closer to where it is brewed?

Alan -

Is "not the same" better or worse? What is the character or time and motion upon beer? Liking blue cheese as I do I do not presume that local is always superior though it may be different. And when I am the pack mule bringing the beer within days or hours from the brewer, is the difference even identifiable?

Tim -

I tried to come up with something profound... all I can write is that for all its complexity this glass of St. Bernardus Abt is quite a simple pleasure.

Alan -

Can we not respect both simplicity and complexity?

Pivní Filosof -

The first and most important thing beer has to be is good. (what is good beer, of course, is very much open to discussion)

There are moments for a simple beer and there are moments for a complex beer. There are moments for a nice session brew and there are moments for a 15%ABV monster. As long as the beer is good, everything goes.

Living in the Czech Rep. I'm spoilt for choice when it comes to good session beers, but that is not the case in many other countries, where micro brewers prefer to brew Imperial Whatevers for several reasons, one of them being that they are easier to brew.

As for local vs "imported". Once again, if the local beer is good, given the choice between two similar beers, I would pick the local, not so much because of quality issues, but because I will want to support the local brewery.