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dave -

I love me some Jack D'Or. Excellent stuff in bottle and tap, and quite reasonably priced. I believe I have a first batch bottle still sitting in my beer fridge (pre "cap security labels"). Anyway, Pretty Things made a beer utilizing a recipe from Ron Patterson's archives. Comes out in late February and it is supposed to be an Imperial Mild. You can read some bits about it on Pretty Thing's website. Interesting sounding stuff.

Jeff Alworth -

If it is a beer worthy to be considered in the same conversation as Hennepin (one of the most accomplished Belgian-style beers not brewed in Belgium, and perhaps the best saison in the world), I'll buy a plane ticket to get a bottle. Or have one of the in-laws pick one up for me.

Alan -

It is that worthy.

Alan -

Batch Ten Nov 2009. More white pepper mayb. Maybe less of the cox orange pippen and more of the rolled oats. Lovely.

Alan -

A June 2013 bottling. How could I tell if it matching my notes?