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The H's -

I think that this isn't a case of advertising as much as it's a way for the big boys to try and push out the little guys. This has come up due to a complaint, which I would assume came from Canadian or Labatt. It's not the first time they've gone after the Minhas group (I recall a few years back they were taking out full page adds attacking them and their method of brewing etc). To clarify, I'm not a fan of their beer (Mountain Crest et al) but I think that there is a market for what they produce, just as there is a market for Canadian & Labatt. I also like hearing stories of the small companies going up against the big boys and suceeding ! I would assume that if they lose this battle it could cost them...so I hope they manage to fight through...I mean, come on, Wasn;t there a beer called Red Dog ? It's called Boxer...it could be refering to a dog

matt -

"Enjoyment of any activity" ... uh, apart from drinking the beer?

P of K -

Al, are you saying that marketing beer using an association with hetero sex or a fraternity of party brothers is illegal? Better tell Coors light and Budweiser.

P of K -

Is It Required That I Box If I Drink Boxer Lager? No - but you should be genuinely ugly, snort a lot and drool. Looks like I'm good.

Sire -

Taking a beer out of a beer fridge with a hockey stick does not have anything to do with hockey? This is crazy. Labatt/Molson just hate competition. Just take a look inside their privately owned Beer Monopoly stores in Ontario. You won't see Boxer Lager in cases by the hundreds as soon as you walk in the door like you see crap like Coors Light and Canadian.

Alan -

There's a good article in today's Globe and Mail on all the hypocrisy... or is it stupidity? Or bureaucracy?

P of K -

Well I guess it's not about the dog. And you can't argue with the man's statement that "beer has been helping people get lucky for millenia".

Free Trade For ALl -

Before you rush to the side of Minhas, look at this.



Mike hardy -

Stoppit stoppit drink it and shut up. Gooooo Boxer