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Tim -

The common Cassia cinnamon can yield plenty of flavor depth but is very sensitive to how its been ground by the producer. Best to grind your own though. Cook's Illustrated has an excellent article on the topic: http://www.cooksillustrated.com/tastetests/overview.asp?docid=20990&Extcode=L9NN1BA00

Alan -

Well, I did like the taste better and, let's face it, I am one crazy assed bastard when it comes to the spice grinder myself.

Bryan Kolesar -

Sounds like a tasty experiment gone surprisingly well. But, the question remains: what was the food pairing?! :-p oh, the apple, right?

Alan -

Is it a "cocktail" or a "pairing"? Surely the most important question facing good beer these days.

Bailey -

By jingo, old man -- I think you've cracked it! This sounds excellent. I can see how a little acid from the apples could really work in this.

Alan -

Ah-ha! GOTCHA!!! ...gastronomically speaking, that it. See, with the dried apples they are quite sweet, low acid. Yet there is a certain presence they provide. I would be comfortable adding a slight acidity along with five times the apples by way of a bit of orange zest or, imagine, a single cranberry.