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Alan -

And just for the record, I am having a St. Ambroise 2006 Vintage Ale for the third period of the men's Canada USA hockey game. I am very pleasantly surprised with some cherry/almond notes in the grainy malt as well as a good jag of hops to cut the cloy. Not overly heavy, either, even at 9.2%. Big BAer love.

Pivní Filosof -

"the fastest guy to go head first down an ice chute on a sled".

I'm not surprised the man likes his tipple. You need to by mildly intoxicated to do that...

Reg Armstrong -

Hi Alan, Although I am 50 miles from Vancouver, and maybe 35 from Whistler in a different direction, the energy level in Vancouver can be felt here at home. The 4 Gold Medal Winners all project the same attitude. Humble and down to earth. The world can't believe it, especially you know who. We have stayed clear of the major throng (1.6 million people on public transit/day) but shall jump in with both feet the final day, taking in Men's Final Hockey and the Closing Ceremonies. Will take us 2 days to get there, and probably 4 to get back home. And yes, there will be beer involved.

bierfesten -

downtown Vancouver is Filled with DRUNKEN drones who step on the roads of passing cars. I'm fully in support of the 7pm closing times of the Liquor Stores. Drink in bars instead of the streets..

Alan -

Huffington Post has the photos and a video.