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Alan -

The selection at Atlantic House gives some hope.

jeremy -

One of the local goals for the Olympics is to "showcase" Vancouver... With over 50 micro-breweries in BC alone one can't even imagine what the planning committee has done to local brewers by replacing their taps at every venue with Molson products.... It's a travesty really.


Jeremy -

I was going to say roughly the same thing as the jeremy before me. Half the point of hosting the Olympics is to show off BC, and Canada. Limiting it to one beer, regardless of brand, is ridiculous. Though not as crazy as McDonald's apparently forcing the First Nations chef not to use the word burger.

Pivní Filosof -

You know what the problem is, as I see it? Many times, when we want to spread the word we choose something we consider interesting, flavourful, complex, and all that that turns out to be rejected by someone who's only drunk mass produced pale lagers or similar. Now, give them something similar to what they are used to, but better, and they will start paying attention to it.

Nic Farra -

This is a little late in the piece I realise, but if you can't play a game without a beer on hand, that game is not worth playing. Professional sports discourage drinking, especially on the pitch. If I showed up at Woolston without a drink, they wouldn't let me be Acting President-for-Life anymore.

Alan -

You are playing lawn billiards and you comment at this post?!?!?

Surely, I need to interview you for The Pub Game Project.