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bierfesten -

Fake Heineken it can't be worse than the real version..

Pivní Filosof -

It sounds to me like something the macros may have seeded.

I don't know what kegs look like in Holland, but in Czech kegs are anything to go by, there is no labeling, really, just a plastic cap that identifies the beer, which is removed and thrown away when the keg is tapped.

Yeah, some breweries have their own kegs, but those tend to go around and end up being used by micros or regionals.

Reminds me of a story I heard the other day. The owner of a pub was fed up with Gambrinus, but his patrons would refuse to drink anything else, so he asked the rep of a regional if they had any problem with him pouring their beer in a Gambrinus mug. Of course, he didn't. He didn't tell anything to the patrons, but he could hear them praising their pints. After a few weeks, he showed them a cap from a keg and said "Gents, this is the beer you've been drinking and look at how much you like it. From now on I don't want to hear anything about Gambrinus anymore". And they lived happily ever after...

Trainman -

I am drinking a fake beer right now. I made it and call it whatever I want. Of course it isn't the same, but close.

Steve Beauchesne -

In Ontario it is referred to as blacktapping. I've actually caught one restaurant selling crappy macro beer and telling customers it was mine. I was able to tell the difference, but I shudder to think of how many people came to that restaurant and tried "that local micro" and were severely disappointed when they were actually being served crap.

Obviously, I took the tap off on the spot and have since refused to sell to them.

If a pub doesn't want to put on macro beer at inflated prices, they should absolutely put a different beer on tap - but make it something local and cool and then tell customers what they are drinking.

Alan -

But who couldn't tell your beer from macro crap? I suppose if those customers never tried anything other than macros they wouldn't know what to expect.