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Joe McPhee -

Cigar City out of Tampa have just released their Double Cream Ale that features 12% corn in the grist. There's no reason not to use rice or corn, provided it's appropriate and the beer works. I don't see how adding rice is any different from adding sugar, which many brewers add to Double IPAs to lighten the body.

Tim -

Not turnips, but apparently in colonial Massachusetts brewers attempted beer using parsnips and wood shavings. I think they were a bit desperate something drinkable.*

*According to Merriam-Webster: "suitable or safe for drinking."

Greg -

While I've not yet tried it myself yet, there have been a lot of good things said about the #5 Asian Lager made with rice that Mike Duggan has on tap at his brewpub. Apparently it's even going to be his second bottled beer, following the already available #9 IPA.

I understand what the point was of those statements in the video, but they were still pretty short-sighted.

Ron Pattinson -

Nothing wrong with promising to only sell beer in casks.That's the way nature intended.

Trainman -

I would go by taste at first. Maybe it doesn't taste something like those yellow, fizzy lagers which are advertised on the Olympics. If not, go for it.

Pok -

yes - boundaries are not progressive to the advancement of craft brewing. If there is rice or corn however, I am inclined to take a more skeptical, albeit still open minded, approach.

Alan -

Wild Rice!?!?

Show me one of these 'fraidy cats who've brewed with wild wheat or wild barley and then I will maybe agree where the skepticism should lay.

The Professor -

Good for Flying Fish.
They make some fine beers, and I'm happy that since they're in my home state, tap availability of their beers in plentiful.
And there is of course nothing at all wrong with using corn, rice, or even sugars if it is done well and sensitively.

The assertion in "I AM A CRAFT BREWER" that rice or corn adjunct represents some kind of inherent evil really was a bit of a joke.
Actually, the expressed aversion to corn was kind of humorously ironic, since the whole presentation was unabashedly corny.

Jim -

I rarely comment on blogs with a simple, "I agree!" But seriously, hear hear!

Brad -

The Bruery's Trade Winds Tripel also uses rice in the mash. Very good beer too.

BSD4.2 -

So if are good with rice and corn in the beer, how about a nice lanted ale? If your argument is the ends justify the means, don't bitch about piss in the beer.
I'll stick with Reinheitsgebot!

Alan -

Brave talk, hand puppet.