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Pok -

I think the loser should have to buy the case of Molson Canadian and have to drink it too.

Trust the PMO to frig it all up. Alaska and PEI would have been much more manly stakes.

xyz -

"gratuitous... pauses... as I look... from teleprompter... to tele... prompter"

Perno -

They couldn't send their "best" beers because then the craft brewers would all be ticked that their brand didn't get picked even though it's rated higher on whatever site, blah blah blah...so Obama just went with the oldest brewery and from what I've read Harper bet Molson since it's Canada's oldest brewery. It's hard to argue against that, I'm just glad it's ok for 2 leaders to bet beer like us common folk.

the Professor -

...at least the guy can _read_ teleprompter, unlike his dimwitted predecessor. LOL.

But, back to the topic at hand, I have no problem at all with Yuengling as the selection from our side...they make good beer, and the fact that they have managed to stay family owned an even expand after nearly disappearing in the 1970's speaks well for them.

Alan -

I agree. The unwritten subtext is that I like Ring-a-Dings or alt least did when I was six.

Jeff Alworth -

We were definitely offering the better beer. As politics goes, Obama's selection suggests a greater sense of subtlety. He might have gone with a major brand, thus pissing off the others (but not Bud--it's Belgian!). He might have gone for a craft brewery, thereby pissing off the majors AND all the slighted craft breweries and fans. Instead, he goes with the oldest and a regional brewery--and, not unimportantly, a maker of decent beer. Who can criticize? No one.

You have your purty gold medal, now take your Molson, too.