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Pok -

Oh sweet victory! Oh sweet irreverence! Canada should launch a parallel investigation to discover the truth of what is up the IOC's arse. We are amused.

brent -

Gold is no excuse for underage drinking.

Alan -

Good catch. Ms. Poulin was born on March 28, 1991 so only turns 19 in four weeks. But to be fair, she is legal in her home province of Quebec.

br -

whatever, these women have no stanley cup. Men have been behaving far worse far longer after stanley cup victories in public. Smoke a cigar and chug a beer on ice? No harm done - have fun ladies, you deserve it.

br -

...and who hasn't wanted to comandeer a zamboni at least once?

Carmen -

Holy jeebus. Can we now please get mad at Jon Montgomery for publicly drinking a jug of beer in the streets of Whistler after his skeleton win?

The IOC needs to deal with some real issues...

Stephen Beaumont -

Tempest in a bleedin' teapot, says I. And gold is an excellent excuse for underage drinking!

Andrew Tourtellot -

In some countries, 18 is legal drinking age. In other countries, it's less. Are arbitrary laws an excuse to get all pissy about "underage" drinking? Not in my book.

Alan -

Is Mr. Beaumont looking like a character in Dickens leading the innocent astray? A sympathizer of Fagan??? No! No, I say!! I defend him utter against this harsh (yet, strangely, so often heard) claim.

Fact: Ms. Poulin is 4 weeks from BC majority. Further, Andrew, the drinking age is not uniform in Canada and this particular 18 is legal in her own province of Quebec. This makes this situation most stupid as she is exercising her inherent legal rights and, as Mr. B. states, her inherent human rights to beer.

Alan -

Furthermore, I am reminded of these fine lassies and their exercise of their inherent human right to beer.

Matt -

I guess the question would be, what is the difference of the media seeing this in the dressing room compared to on the ice. One of the girls states in an article that this only happened after the crowd was gone.......

Stephen Beaumont -

I would happily lead innocents astray, just with something other than Canadian.

Alan -

Isn't that the real tragedy here?

Stephen Beaumont -

As I noted at my thatsthespirit.com blog, I suspect the choice of brew was strictly because of Molson's sponsorship meaning it was the only thing around.

And speaking of which, if the beer was provided by Molson as part of the sponsorship deal, wouldn't that make the company guilty of providing beer to a minor?

Alan -

Well, wouldn't that be a kick in the pants. Section 33 of the BC Liquor Control Act states:

33 (1) A person must not
(a) sell, give or otherwise supply liquor to a minor,
(b) have liquor in his or her possession for the purpose of selling, giving or otherwise supplying it to a minor, or
(c) in or at a place under his or her control, permit a minor to consume liquor.

So there are plenty of actors between brewery and Ms. Poulin to be strung up if need be.

Pok -

Your not in Austria anymore Mr. Wankerd McWankerson of the IOC. And what the frig is with Hockey Canada getting all apologetic at the first sign of tisking - wussies - all of 'em.

As a sign of support for our well deserved beer drinking girls I recommend mass public urination while etching the five rings into your local snowbank (sorry girls - a men's only sign of civil disobedience).