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Joe Stange -

Probably a stray bullet from many blocks away, a big problem in our more violent cities. My downstairs neighbor had a bullet enter his second-floor window, pass inches above his head, and lodge in the wall. Based on the trajectory police thought it came from the other side of the neighborhood.

I can imagine what went through that guy's head. "If I really am shot, I'm going to be extra thirsty..."

Craig -

I think it's funny that the guy asked the clerk why he shot him and didn't get an answer!

How rude!

Stephen Beaumont -

Question: If the guy is able to get shot in the leg, shrug it off, buy beer and proceed to his friend's house on foot,isn't it just a wee bit likely that he was already drunk enough he shouldn't have been served?

Jo -

Just stopping by this SUPERB site, to offer you all wishes on behalf of everyone at the NSLC...Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but make sure you use common sense, when it comes to the deadly mix of drinking and driving

Here's some holiday cheer to keep in mind:



Frank -

Is that the same NSLC "common sense" that protects the people of Nova Scotia from the dangers of Tactical Nuclear Penguin?

Alan -

I think that is a highlight of my career that I get sincere but slightly spammy holiday greetings from the very Liquor Commission that taught me to drink.