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Ron Pattinson -

I scored 4 bottles of the 1999 vintage when at the brewery earlier this month. I'm planning on drinking one or two this christmas.

Alan -

Wow. My wife just said "you lucky bastard" to that comment.

Tim -

Oh my, opened a bottle of '08 Vintage Ale the other night. One whiff produced a long "Oooooh." Too good to get distracted with taking notes. It may have improved with further aging, but opening that bottle was hardly regrettable.

The Beer Nut -

You could get thrown in the Thames for describing Chiswick as "South London". From the north bank, obvs.

Alan -

Then throw the brewery in the river, Monsieur Noix. See obviousness update.

The Beer Nut -

Ah the perils of the missing comma. Fuller's is in Chiswick Lane South. That's in West London and most definitely not in South London.

Always check multiple sources.

Alan -

"Always check multiple sources."

No, not really for something as utterly trivial as that. I do wonder why they were economizing on comma ink, however.

Alan -

While we are at it... why the "malted barley" warning?

The Beer Nut -

For coeliacs, would be my guess.

The Beer Nut -

And trivial? In London, the difference between a West London and South London address is worth more than a few bottles of Fuller's Vintage.

Alan -

Perhaps detritus? Flotsam maybe? But now that I think about it, gee, I really hope the title of my post has not led to a mass hopeless migration of Londoners roaming the streets of South London.

It's a funny set of languages for sale in Canada. Two in French but eight in various Scandinavian tongues.

Dave -

A friend of mine bought his father a bottle of Fuller's Vintage Ale in 1997 for his father. On a trip back to England to see his family, my friend found out that his father never drank that bottle. Well that bottle was brought to Canada and we drank it on Christmas. I've never had anything like it. We compared it a 2010. I regret spending the $7 on the 2010.

He has found a 1997 Shepherd Neame Christmas Ale. It was like weak version of the Fuller's. With an exception to a hint of the orange zest, the spices had faded to oblivion.

I don't think I'll ever get so lucky again in the world of vintage beer.

Dan small beer -

Further to Dave's comments, you can read about our '97 versus '10 Fullers Vintage Ale experience here: http://smallbeerblog.blogspot.com/2010/12/toasts-of-christmas-past.html

The '97 was a beerhemoth!