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A Fort Drum Soldier -

Whatever can be done to get more higher quality beer in Watertown will be very appreciated, by myself, at least. Weather permitting, I will make a trip tomorrow.

Alan -

Happy to help! Let me know what you think and also what you might like to see. Connecting the consumer into the center of the equation, for some reason, is too often a missed step with good beer.


For good beer.... Check out Big M in Watertown... the run down looking liquor store on the corner of Arsenal and Massey... and the gas station across from the YMCA Fairgrounds... I guess you could add Price chopper but not really... the best and only place for good beer on tap is Maggies on the River Bar... they probably have 20-30. If you are looking for everything... the only place to go is Wegmans or Galeville Grocery in Syracuse... just gotta stock up when you go