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Tim -

Farnum Hill Ciders are pretty tasty, in Lebanon NH - http://www.povertylaneorchards.com/. Are you returning the same route you head out on? If you travel back through Brattleboro VT, be sure to give us a shout - we'll join you for a pint at McNeills :)

JW -

As you are traveling from Connecticut to Rhode Island, if you happen to be in the area of Mystic, CT, check out Clyde's Cider Mill.

Its a quaint cider mill that makes hard cider and apple wines.

Best of luck!


RS -

I'll second Farnum Hill, best ciders I've had in North America. On Thursdays from noon-6 they have a cheap growler fill up too!

RunawayJim -

Not sure what that means, but I don't care about weird UK classifications of "real" anything. Newport Vineyards in Newport, RI makes Rhody Coyote hard cider. It's supposed to be pretty good. If you don't make it down to Newport, you can usually find it at better liquor stores, like Nikki's in Providence (I mentioned this place in your last post about this trip).

Alan -

For the record "real" means comes withe chunks.