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Knut -

I don't know about fadish health finger pointery.

I'm certainly happy that the truck drivers around here don't drink three beers during their shift, plus whatever they manage to consume during their lunch break.

It's not the health of the drivers I'm concerned about. It's that kid on a bike crossing the road.

Alan -

I agree but I was referring to the quote at the bottom of the page:

"Claus Hyldahl, head of health and disease prevention facility Lægernes Testcenter, called it ‘amazing’ that employees are still allowed to drink alcohol at work in 2010. ‘Some employees may think they’re not affected by three beers,’ he said. ‘But for most people there’s a significant difference between their second and third drinks. And if you’re not affected after three drinks, then you have a serious alcohol problem.’"

If you are not affected by three drinks you don't have a serious alcohol problem. You may well just be big or enzyme blessed.

Knut -

I think the major issue here is that there is a number of big guys driving trucks for Carlsberg who think that this is a passing pad and think they can continue drinking and driving.
While at work.
In this day and age. I mean, we can't even kill seals anymore.

Alan -

We kill seals. We are Canadian. I'd love one in a pie. Why should the pig and bull bear all the responsibility?