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Stan Hieronymus -

There is an alternative for convenience store/gas stations (at least those owners more independent that 7-Eleven operators). One near us has started hosting non-macro beer tastings. A recent one featured Deschutes.

Although I didn't notice it in that story there were murmurs in the wine world a while back about private label wines at 7-Eleven.

Alan -

There is a great gas station south east of Albany NY that stocks Ommegang which I pick up on my way to and back from New England each summer.

And is there a sub-prime... sorry... below premium wine category?

Brandon -

Who is going to make that beer for them? I wonder if it starts with an A, and ends in Busch. Like most of the restaurants who offer their own "house" beers, AB makes it for them.

Sad. So sad. If they are looking for a cheap and inexpensive buzz, there are plenty of other choices out there.

Besides, could it really get any worse than a Bud Lite?

Robert -

I love the category "below premium"! I think I will be able to use this in my daily life.