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Paul -

What is really interesting is how closely this resembles monster cable's attempts to silence competitors - is the common thread the 'monster' brand?

Good Burp -

I feel for them. I know from experience, it isn't easy, cheap, or any fun fighting in court. I should know. I was sued by a famous sports figure for trademark infringement.

In the early days of the interent, I registered a domain name. A while later, them fedx delivered a nice notice in the mail.

I fought it for a time. But eventually it was just too overwhelming. I had to give it up. I fought the good fight.

I wish them luck. But he with the most money (and willing to give it to their attorney) will win.

Alan -

A very good take on the situation from Peter Egelston of the Portsmouth Brewery and Smuttynose Brewing. h/t Andy.

Ben -

To put some of this in perspective, the number of trademarks that are filed makes it almost impossible to individually check each and determine whether to send a nasty letter. Most companies send automated letters. And to send automated letters, they put in general search terms etc. The same happens with domain names. Just try registering any domain name with "ebay" in it.

Just because you get a letter doesn't always mean that they singled you out - it just means you turned up on their search.

Alan -

Well, seeing as they didn't send an automated letter in this case but had a specialist intellectual property law firm handling their affairs I am not sure what perspective you are talking about.