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Alan -

Eric Asimov in the NYTs interestingly discusses stouts this morning and displays both an adherence to style and a preference for things that taste like each other.

Mikey -

Very interesting. For some reason I thought this was an imperial stout when I bought it and when I opened it last night and went to Rate Beer to rate it, I noticed it was listed as an English Strong Ale. Beer Advocate however listed it as an American Strong Ale. New Holland did not list its style on their website so I was a bit confused. To be honest, I'm not sure of the exact differences between and American and English Strong ale but I'm impressed with New Holland for getting back to you.

Alan -

I thought it was an imperial milk stout!

But I was wrong. And I would not call it a "strong ale" as that has a certain implication beyond being an ale that is strong.

And then I realized my wrongness was irrelevant to the fact I just liked the beer.

Allen KD -

I recently moved away from Michigan to Colorado. I really appreciate the Dragon's Milk. You nailed it on the head. It's richness is like eating a decadent piece of chocolate cake that you just want to savor.

If you haven't already, you've absolutely got to go to Founders in Grand Rapids. I have not tried anything there I didn't like. Monday is cheap pint night ($3). Their Centennial IPA or Breakfast Stout. That's great stuff.

Alan -

We have a mule train for Founders set up for we Royalists at the eastern end of Lake Ontario. Anyone who travels there has to fill the trunk. Sad thing is how infrequently it happens.

the longest day of the year -

Allen KD has it right - I am also a MI native in CO.

Dragon's Milk is among the most delicious beers I have tasted... close to the Founder's Breakfast Stout or Kentucky Breakfast Stout. But one of my best friends is the head cellarman of Founder's so maybe I am a bit bias.

Get your hands on the Dragon's Milk, and some Founders and you will be happy happy beer drinkers.

Going to MI for Christmas, Alan, filling the drunk with beer!

Alan -

...and you don't even have to deal with border guards on the way back.