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Stan Hieronymus -

It would be nice if the story told us where is was actually brewed - beyond the city.

Or if we could read a single quote from a person who has drunk the "new" Schlitz.

Or if the reporter knew how to spell Yuengling.

Otherwise an excellent piece of journalism.

Alan -

Details details details!!!

And, to be fair, I should point out that Asimov notes today that the food in wine bars can suck, too: "Too often wine bars make it their primary mission to shine clinical floodlights on wine, even when their customers would prefer to leave the mystery intact. They are very serious, but too often serve seriously dull wine and indifferent food."

Stephen Beaumont -

I'd just like to chime in and congratulate Gallo for the efforts they've recently made to revitalizing Night Train Express Fortified Wine. I admit I was skeptical when a buddy of mine brought six bottles to a cookout recently, but once I popped the cap and felt that sweet, fruity, alcoholic goodness coursing down my throat, I knew the Train was back to being the Real Deal. I tell you, with all those earnest Napa and Sonoma wineries crowding the market these days, it was refreshing to come across a wine that didn't pretend to be anything other than a pure inebriant...

Words we'll be reading in the Times some day soon? Somehow I doubt it.

Amy -

As far as I know, Pabst owns the Schlitz brand. I don't get why it is news that the virtual brewer plans to start a new marketing campaign.

Stan Hieronymus -

Amy. It says that in the story, although you sort of have to read twice. Plus Bpb Newman is the brewer for Pabst. Of course you are right, why is this news?

Joe Stange -

Also, for the record, this bit — "beer in the Midwest bearing the fanatical load of football in the South" — is complete and utter nonsense.