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Knut Albert -

IMHO the usual problem is that many breweries are hesitant to play around with alternative grains, they are too respectful. Most of the beers brewed on alternative wheat varieties are usually very boring - they appeal to the green or ecological community and are content with that. But there are a few German breweries which are doing some nice Dinkel and Spelt beers, meaning they use hops and yeast which matches the malt.

I've had a few Danish rye beers - splendid stuff.

Corn? Maybe. I would imagine one way of using it would be to use it as a wegetable - fresh corn as a flavouring rather than dried and milled. The reason corn is so widespread in all tyeps of food it that it is virtually without flavour. So it is possibly a matter of a quest for the best vaiety of corn, as they have been doing with barley for a long, long time.

Rendel -

Where can I buy Spotted cow beer? I visited Madison Wisconsin in March of 09 for business and had the pleasure of trying Spotted Cow however I reside in Maryland and no one in this area sells it. Would you happen to know of a distributor in my area where I could buy a few cases or if I can mail order it? Please adivse

Alan -

Only in Weeze-kon-zon.

That is, as they say, they bad news.

Johann -

I like it how you experiment although I'd never have thought about mixing beer, how odd is that?

Jason Finley -

I lived in Milwaukee about 2 years ago and I was introduced to Spotted Cow by some of the wise locals. I now live back in Michigan and have gone into specialty beer stores in search of this splendid beverage. When I ask if they carry Spotted Cow, they look at me as if i'm in search of the local dairy. Where or how can i get this beer in the Spotted Cow deprived state of Michigan(Detroit Metro area)?

Alan -

Sadly for everyone not in Wisconsin, I am pretty sure that they only sell in their home state. I have a mule that brings me mine.

Laura Vargas -

Hi -
My husband and I went on vacation to Milwaukee, WI. for Thanksgiving and I had the apportunity to taste a glass of the "Spotte Cow" it was Delish!!!!!
When we got back home to So. California I went looking for this beer, however I have been unable to locate it. PLEASE HELP ME & DIRECT ME to a supplier in the SO. California that distributes your beer. I would love to share this great tasting beer with our friends and family.
This is one of a kind and should always be shared with a group of great friends.

Thank You,

Laura Vargas

Jim Watson -

Please give me a idea of where to find spotted beer here in Kingsport ,Tn area.