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Shamas -

Alan with all due respect, you're reviewing a beer that is well over the hill of the freshness peak.

This is a beer that brewed in August of '08. Being a wet hop ale, as I'm sure you know, the idea is to brew the beer with the freshest hops, during the harvest, before they are even dried.

It seems to defeat the purpose of such a beer to then wait until 9 months later to review it. I am quite certain that you didn't experience this in it's full hoppy glory.

Alan -

Could well be as I indicated - but it is a good beer and I bought it less than ten days ago at a fair price for what it is. I agree that it is likely diminished in terms of the wet hop effect but does not such a beer fill the glass? Does it not have its marmalade-esque charms?

I have another and, unlike other craft beers I have opened, will not pour it. It is perfectly fine for what it is. But to your point, I have added the category "aged beers".

max -

how can i buy this beer in texas