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Alan -

Good Mr. Beaumont of the other end of the lake makes a very good argument why a price of 30 bucks a 750 ml is in his price range and it is one I have some sympathy for. For him "[c]ompared to any number of things that cost me more and pleasure me less, that simple enjoyment comes as a true bargain indeed."

But here is the thing: at thirty bucks all of a sudden a bottle of beer is bumping into a lot more competition for my enjoyment money than just the two six packs or two or three large format brews that I could buy instead. It's a good meal and a couple of pints at my favourite pub. It is a Doctor Who DVD I can share with (and scare) the kids. It's two CDs or three really good cheeses.

Look, I can buy Orval for three and a half bucks and still have plenty left over for that copy of "The Brain of Morbius". In fact, I can buy about 500 different beers within a couple of hours drive and have change for the gas or a pint of excellent bourbon. So, unless your 30 buck beer overwhelms all other experiences that are available you are just not going to interest me.

Throw in some marketing mumbo-jumbo about how your experiments with the beer and the market are excruciatingly precious and different from every other brewer's work, well, expect that to be a disincentive to give the beer a chance. If I can't imagine sitting next to someone in a pub who goes on like that, how could I imagine buying a beer based on that sort of clap-trap.

Good Burp -

There aren't many things in life that I enjoy more than Beer, and Baseball. To have both at the same time is something special. And to have a quality beer at the ballgame, that is something very special. However, paying $10 for that beer is a hard beer to swallow. It's a sad thing to deal with.