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There's nothing quite like the atmosphere standing in a hall with 500+ people drinking beer!

James "Jim" Haertel -

I have been working for ten years to bring an HB to Milwaukee. Google my name, Haertel and Hofbrauhaus and read many articles about our upcoming plans. Prosit! Jim

Ben (The Tiger) -

It's so right.

Well, except for the Nazi-esque history.

But aside from that...

Alan -

And I suppose you shun fine French cuisine due to the Vichy period... or maybe the Avignon papacy.

Ben (The Tiger) -

Nah, I still patronize it, and I'd love to have a Bavarian beer hall near me, too. I'd go weekly.

But one still thinks of 1923...

rompinreggie -

In San Diego, some years ago(15), wife and I ended up on lower 5th ave. on a Friday afternoon. Economy good, people great, and there was a brew pub on the west side that had happy hour. Patrons sat in the minibrewery, and around it, above it, anywhere they could. They brewed maybe 6 different beers, and naturally I tried them all. They were under a buck a pint. Most of the patrons were office sorts, heading home after a rotten week in the office towers. Being Canadian, we were accepted and had a blast. What more could one want, 300 great American people, 6 good beers, at a price beyond affordable. The staff enjoyed their jobs immensley. Easy to tell. Music happening, everyone friendly. Utopia!!!!!!
So, to have a far away pub atmosphere anywhere in Canada would be welcome(to me).

Knut Albert -

I don't know. The Munich beer festival is the one I'm not likely to attend at any time. It's all about quantity, and I'm happy to leave the 2 liter steins to the 20 year olds. If I were in Bavaria, I'd take the time to find a smaller beer garden. But that's just me getting old and grumpy....

Alan -

You are right. Like so many things, I likely would not do it myself so much as take comfort that it is there to be experienced. Now, that Norwegian fisherman's tavern in Texas? That is an entirely different matter.

zachary Litfin -

The idea of a real Brauhaus near me brings me close to tears. I lived in a town in Germany where they had converted an old swimming hall into a Brauhaus. There were three levels and multiple nooks and crannies. And by the way for our historically myopic compatriots Adolf and Eva were purported to have taken a swim there. What the crap do Bierhallen have to do with Nazi history? Did you have a social studies class in 8th grade? This type of knee-jerk reaction to all things germanic is pretty sad coming from a beer geek.

Jan Stellenmarkt -

I think a Brauhaus in America would be awesome because you american guys would be able to drink good beer. I just tried a bud light and a miller. They both tasted so bad that I started to understand why the americans love german beer so much. It is probably even the best beer in the world.

By the way ...

American beer is like making love in a canoe... it´s fucking close to water. ;)

Wasyli Festywal -

I would like to give a shout out to Polish beers here. Ever since the mass imigration of Poles to the UK over the last few years, Polish products have been appearing in British shops, and none more welcome than the Polish beers. If you like your beers strong and perhaps a bit heavy, then Poland is the right one for you.

René C -

I really like the foto is uncreadible, so many people in one place. It looks totally crazy events.
It reminds me Oktoberfest in München.

Joffrey Petit -

It is totally crazy image
Man did u survice with so many people,
I would like to go there. I love place like this where you can meet so many people and have great time.

Josh -

i agree 100 percent. in a north american market saturated by the tiresome british/irish pub knockoffs, why in the hell are there not more great German beer halls in NA?

i hope this idea takes off in New York and gains momentum.

i look forward to going into some places and finding Hacker-Pschorr or Schneider-Weisse taps replacing the Guinness ones...


Alan, thank your for the interesting post! i really love these traditional meetings. I'm half italian and love to go to all these big festivals in new york!

Helmut Hobbynutten -

The atmosphere must be amazing... I like the Oktoberfest and i guess everybody to take part in this fantastic event

Maria Appuntamenti -

Well, why not...? It's a way to meet a lot of creazy beaple and have fun! It's a way to get in touch with the german culture. I lived in Berlin for a while and I have to say it's not that bed. I from Italy and beer is not so a biq question for us. We drink wine but I would have nothing to blame if this would happen in my town! go beer go! :)

Matt -

Wolff's Biergarten in Albany, NY is pretty good, you know, for Albany, NY. It's kinda like Epcot center with excellent, well-cared-for beer. Haven't had the food, but it's always packed, and after a litre or two of Optimator, the place starts looking downright authentic.