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Ian in Cowtown -

Ouch! This post really cuts me to the bone. Yes, beer prices have gone berserk here and I've definitelty noticed it on the store shelves.

Its even worse for craft beer. I used to buy Lost Coast Indica IPA for around $14 a sixer. Pricey, but only around $3 more than a sixer from Wild Rose or Alley Kat (two local craft breweries). Its now $19! DFH 90 min IPA recently made it here and is a whooping $20 a FOUR pack. Craft from other provinces (Wellington, Dead Frog, St. Ambroise) is around $15 a sixer. Dieu du Ciel just arrived. I haven't checked the prices yet, but I'm sure to exclaim the brewery's name when I do!

So, why is it and what's a budget conscience craft lover to do? I've heard that taxes, input costs, exchange rates and freight are all to blame but I think there is a decent bit of gouging too. Despite the oil bust, shop owners continue to squeeze us like its 2007.

As for me, I've severely cut down on the pricey craft stuff and no longer try every new beer that drifts in. I've been bargain hunting and picking up decent macro stuff when I can find it cheap. My main beers these days are Tiger Lager and Rickard's White. Not exceptional, but tasty now that summer's here and they won't break the bank. I'll stock up on cheap craft beer later this summer when I head to B.C. I miss the good ol' days though.

Wow, I complain a lot...

Steve -

I just returned from a trip to Alberta and BC and was stunned by the current beer prices. The typical price of a sixpack here (Houston, TX) from local craft breweries is about $7.50. I know its been a while since I lived in Calgary, but there is no way I would pay those prices for beer if I moved back now. I homebrew as a hobby, but its practically a necessity up there now!

Chris -

Making your own is way cheaper. I am a homebrewer and if I lived out west, I would definitely make my own. A six-pack costs me $1.75 to make. My labour is free. Go ahead and buy your favourite craft beer. Then go on the web and google a clone recipe. Easy. Do the math. Buy beer books. I buy six-packs of new beer all the time at the LCBO , ( never at the beer store ) and give it a go on trying to make it at home. Sometimes I get close, sometimes not. Still very cheap beer. $20.00 for 4 DFH 90 min IPA? They are out of their mind.

Eric Scott -

Does anything know the best place to buy beer in bulk for a wedding? I live in Connecticut but am willing to travel within the tri-state region. Thanks for any information!