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Elliot -

Just an FYI... I'm an accountant and deciphered what Bill Ulrich, the CFO for Sam Adams was saying in the earnings announcement. Basically, the cost of goods sold, which encompasses the rising costs of hops and other grain inputs, rose in 2008. It was driven mainly by packaging (i.e. the cost of bottles has been increasing due to the demand world wide for glass in developing economies and the heat necessary to produce bottles is generated by natural gas that is also driving the cost of glass higher.) Also, freight (fuel costs) were higher overall. However, Bill did say that other goods included in this figure rose too, just not enough to note separately as freight and glass costs were the lions share of the increases.

Alan -

Thanks Elliot! I love that clever people come by here.

Ben -

Funnily enough I was having the same conversation over here.A camra member stated that one of our local brewers was explaining away his cask price rises due to hops and barley, 300% in the case of hops. Having had the scare stories of not being able to brew specific beers due to the lack of hops about 12 months ago, I have been very surprised at the lack of comment from microbrewers recently regarding prices rising.
Is this because it is no longer the case?

The Professor -

What will be interesting to see is whether or not beer prices will come _down_ if barleymalt and hops eventually return to something close to previous levels. Unfortunately, in past examples of significant but ultimately temporary "materials" increases in other food/bev areas, subsequent decreases have certainly been rare.
If consumers are willing to pay the higher prices, I'm guessing that the pricing will not be reduced even if costs come down.

Wonder if they'll start charging extra for the foam?

Matt -

I just got some Spot market pricing on Bulk hops this week and the prices for the 2008 crop are far cheaper than what the 2007 crop was.

Alan -

Interesting Matt. By what percentage if you don't mind asking and are you a microbrewer? No need to name names but are you buying at that commercial volume?