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Amy -

Alan, When I was in high school we had a game called Merola. It was named after one of our classmates. It involved seeing how far you could throw a shoe down a field. Of course we weren't drinking beer at the time.

Alan -

We had games called "up down" and "bumball". In up down a bunch of teens went to a busy public park, threw and kicked a soccer ball in the air all the time shouting "it's up, it's up" until it wasn't when we shouted "it's down". Then we shouted random scores. Sooner or later someone came up and asked how the hell the rules worked.

Bumball consisted of kicking a soccer ball high in the air into a gang down field. Sort of a 500 Up layout. Everyone jostled as the ball was in the air and they attempted to cleanly trap the ball as it rebounded off the first bounce by turning arse towards the kicker and sitting down upon it at exactly the critical moment. When that occurred everyone shouted "BUMBALL!"

Either game might be enhanced by beer.