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Troy -

I was at the launch party for this beer tonight and found it a lot better than the first batch. More grassiness, more tea, some sweetness, and toasted malt. Very well rounded with a nice body - light, yet moderately complex. I am a fan. There are a lot of beer geeks out there that aren't to receptive to Great Lakes newest seasonal (so I've heard), but I'm willing to spend some $ on it this summer.

Alan -

I do think GLB has an inclination to intensity in these seasonals but that needs to be part of the pantheon of beers. Ontario suffers from too many bland beers and efforts like this (as well as brewers like Church-Key) give me hope.

James Tien -

The first time I saw this beer I really wanted to try but was a little sad after tasting it with my other Taiwanese friends. No one figured green tea flavor instead of herbal. But I believe it is a good try.


Alan -

Mr. Beaumont has similar thoughts and hopes for a decent effort.