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Knut Albert -

It would rather be a task like the King I am named after, to try to turn the tide of the black (or green) stuff on that day. I think it's better to use the rest of the year....

Adeptus -

Good PR? I'm not so sure, particularly on the US side where St. Patricks Day just seems reinforce those awful stereotypes of the Irish drinking themselves to oblivion, sawdust on the floor, and all sorts of plastic Paddy shamrockery. I don't like or believe stereotypes about any nation, so it's not just because I'm Irish.

On the other hand, it's a bit of craic, and I find it kind of funny that in some parts of the world many people beome "Irish" for one day. But please, lose the leprechaun crap! :D

I would have used the 17th as an opportunity to evangelise, and living in Germany I'm probably more "into" the idea of a day for Ireland and our patron saint, but I'll be in Luxembourg, a dreary city. Is there not a patron saint for brewers? If so, does that saint exemplify the properties of pluck, drive and passion? If not, can we make one up? :D

Tim -

Adeptus, the catholic church recognizes St. Arnold as the Patron Saint of Brewers.

When should we celebrate St. Arnold's Day?

Adeptus -

Oh, just realised they have said Arnold of Metz (who should beArnulf of Metz), whereas Arnold of Soissons is the patron saint of Belgian brewers. It's not clear who is the real patron saint of brewers, at least according to Wikipedia as it says the Metz version gets confused with the Soissons as they both carry rakes around the place. One says they both are, and the other says only Soissons Arnold is. Will have to check with my contacts in the Catholic church :D

Adeptus -

Sorry for the spam, but it looks like there is a choice. So, lots of celebrations, or an election?

Alan -

No spam at all. You look like you are solving something!

Adeptus -

I'll probably have to write to my old mate Benedict (né Ratzinger) to get the definitive answer :D

Knut Albert -

Set up a calendar for us, we'll pay our respects and drink to them all.
Include all Norse, Celtic, Greek and Roman deities connected to beer as well.