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Steve -

If a micro-brewery, particularly a new startup, hasn't released something that's double-bourbon-imperial-oaked-aged on cask, then the rest of their beer lineup is basically ignored. Its also making it harder to go out for a "few pints" with friends. The only thing that may change this trend is that these beers are also more expensive, so the current economic situation may turn drinkers from the higher priced extreme beers back to a brewery's "regular" beers, but the most recent numbers don't seem to indicate that yet.

Matt -

I'm waiting for a brewery to release a world-class pale ale wrapped in a gaudy "dry-hopped, wet-hopped, and slightly-moist-hopped triple IPA" wrapper so that extremophiles can drink it and remember what beer tastes like. The two best beers I've had in the past 12 months were Mayflower Porter and Pretty Things Jack D'Or (American saison). Where can I buy tickets to PorterFest '09? Wait... What do you mean it doesn't exist?!

That said, my '05 Double Bastard tasted damned good when I cracked it open in January.