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Adeptus -

No, you're clearly not alone. "Styles" are just asking to be broken, and, to me at least, constitute rough sketches to help people know they are at least talking about the same ballpark. Nothing worse than seeing a comment on a rating site that says "not to style" where the beer being reviewed is liked for what it is in general. I can't help wonder are there too many sometimes, but then I generally ignore them (other than reading the label of course :)). Good beer is good beer, and it's the fun of the journey that matters to me, not the classification (but then I am on the other side of the Atlantic from where style division seems to matter most, so my opinion probably doesn't count).

Alan -

I never have understood where within Plato's Theory of Forms styles are supposed to fit and who is in the cave watching shadows.

Adeptus -

I couldn't possibly comment on the relationship of style to form, but as for the allegory of the cave, surely that just means "get out and drink more"? :o)

Jerome -

Any good homebrewer knows that "styles" and "taxonomic classification systems" are just rules waiting to be broken.

Peter -

Good point Alan but I'll continue resenting the Keith's people calling their crappy beer an IPA!

Alan -

Well, I am not against "not style" if that is what we can call such misappropriation. It would be interesting, however, to know what Keith's IPA was in 1870 or so. But I doubt if InBev or AmBev or BelGak or whatever they are called would let anyone look at the records.

Jason -

I totally agree when you. Your last line sums up my argument for some time now. Good beer is what you like. There are people who hate the beer I love. (rodenbach grand cru is top 3 in my book, I have heard it tastes like "gasoline") When they ask why I choose such a awful beer, it is hard for them to understand it is good to me. Meanwhile they choose their beer, which I would never order.