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Jeremy -

So replace Toronto with Ontario, and the content pretty much stays the same right? Not seeing this as a big deal really.

Alan -

So sorry to disappoint - even with eastern Ontario not somehow falling into your understanding of Ontario.

Patrick Hirlehey -

When I went to New York City last month, I was able to find DDC, Unibroue Terrible and U17. I had to leave the country to find beers one province over. At least you east Ontarians have Beau's.

Josh Rubin -

Hi Alan.
No need to go looking in grassy knolls for anti-N.Y. conspiracies, my good man. The reason I went relatively far afield on the piece in April was that none of the Danish beers in the article were available via retail in Ontario, and I didn't want it just to be a list of bars where people can drink them. I wanted people to be able to try some of the beers in the comfort of their own home. In the case of the Quebec story, however, there are indeed several excellent Quebec beers available at the LCBO and/or The Beer Store. While obviously not as wide a selection as available elsewhere (say, Montreal or Buffalo), it's enough to whet the appetite of readers in Ontario. Ontario, whose biggest city happens to be Toronto. Which happens to be where the paper is based. (For what it's worth, if I'd had more space, I would in all likelihood have put in a list of places to get Quebec beers in Montreal).

Alan -

So you are suggesting "nunya?"

Frankly, I'd think the 100 mile diet might make more sense than focusing (again) on the belly button of the Big Smoke beast. No need for a conspiracy theories to see that.